MiPV Motorhome Solar Panel Kits

MiPV Leisure Series Solar Panel Range are solar panels designed specifically for motorhomes, campervans and caravans in mind.  When we were designing our panels we talked to motorhome owners to find out exactly what they want and what issues they were having with the current products on the market.

We quickly realised that the current products available really were not fit for purpose and suffer from a variety of issues that we could easily solve.  This is why we produced the MiPV solar panel range, designed for the motorhome and leisure industry focusing on quality and reliability.


MiPV Leisure Series Solar Panel Kits

Our Leisure Series Solar Panels are available in a range of kits from 55w to 480w, you can even add more panels to produce more power if required.

How Much to Fit Solar Panels to a Motorhome?

There are many solar panels on the market that have been cobbled together from existing technology, therefore on first appearance seem 'cheap' but while being low cost they can be low quality and have a limited lifespan due to not being actually designed for purpose.  These cheap solar panels kits can cost in the range of £200-£300 depending on output, which sound great, but there is a lot more to consider than output vs cost.

MiPV solar panels are build for purpose and are priced from £299, we have designed our panels to be superior and not suffer from the standard issues that most solar panels suffer from.  This is why MiPV Leisure Series Solar Panel Range have a very long lifespan and offer a better output in more

No more motorhome solar panel problems with MiPV Solar Kits

There are many issues encountered with traditional solar panels on motorhomes.  For example traditional panels are heavy and require a lot of fixings to securely mount on your motorhome roof, meaning more drilling and more potential for leaks.  Traditional panels also add to the height of the motorhome and if not mounted securely can be very dangerous as they have been known to fly off in worst case circumstances.

Traditional solar panels are usually fixed in position and are not designed to withstand the constant vibration of driving, or impact from an object hitting the panel.  This is why motorhome owners have had may bad experiences with traditional solar panel lifespan.

MiPV Leisure Series Solar, Designed to be High Output & Reliable Motorhome Solar Panels

Power generation performance of many traditional solar panels is also impaired as they are designed to be a fixed installation, and have a massivly reduced power generation capability when not in direct sunlight.

With some panels if you cover just part of the panel it stops power generation completely!

This is why at MiPV we design our panels to provide maximum power generation under a wide range of conditions that your would encounter in your motorhome.

MiPV Leisure Series Solar Panel Range motorhome solar panels are designed to be lightweight, minimal amount of fixings due to it's self adhesive backing (and yes it's very very sticky, we've designed and tested), designed to withstand vibration of road use over many years.