Ultra light

modules are easily transportable


durable non-fragile panels


high efficiency energy yield

bespoke Off Grid & Temporary Power

MIPV in collaboration with its partners is able to address many of the challenges in meeting the need for mobile and or temporary power. We adopt a system based solutions approach to address the specific challenges faced by individual sites. The MIPV modules are lightweight, flexible and robust (non-fragile) and are ideally suited to such applications.

Ground Based temporary power

Modular ground anchored system to suit various applications.

Construction Sites

A wide range of solar solutions for the construction environment.

Building Hoardings

The low weight and simple fitting of MIPV modules enable solar panels to be mounted in previously difficult places.

Leisure Venues & Events

High performance solar provides electricity without the need for costly, noisy generators.

Mobile Pods

Storability, portability & performance give MIPV technology an edge over traditional solar.

Street Furniture

Solar as one with a structure offers self enclosed electrical power off-grid.

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