Atlantic rowing challenge complete

The Atlantic Dash team have done it! Crossing the Atlantic Ocean and rowing the 3,200 miles from Lanzarote to Antigua- with MIPV solar technology excelling in the challenges of an Ocean crossing
After 50 days of continuous Atlantic rowing the crew of 4 adventurers landed in Antigua. To complete the mammoth task the crew rowed in pairs- running on a shift pattern of two hours rowing followed by 2 hours resting for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Monkey Fist Adventures team initially linked up with MIPV due to the unique properties of our solar technology. The solar is flexible so can aerodynamically be added to the boat, while also adding minimal weight – all while generating the high energy needed for on board equipment.

extreme durability

As well as the harsh salt water conditions, early on into the challenge an issue with the boats seating required a rescue boat to be called – which unfortunately did more damage by crashing into the hull!  Luckily MIPV solar is fully flexible and the crew managed to roll up the solar by hand, repair the hull and fix the solar back down. 
The crew experienced some once in a lifetime sights, from a sunrise to sunset surrounded by ocean and even some friendly dolphins helped keep the spirits up. Using state of the art navigation and satellite equipment supported by MIPV solar the team were able to communicate directly across social media.

Within the Monkey Fist Adventures team we have 3 rowers with 7 crossing between us and the MIPV Solar Panels were head and shoulders above anything we've used before

Billy Taylor, Skipper
The driver for the challenge was raising awareness and funds for 2 charities close to the teams hearts; Humen Men’s mental Health support and the Dean Farm Trust Animal Sanctuary.
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