Solar Carports need not be ugly carbuncles but elegant shelters that not only protect the vehicles but also help power them


Flexible and robust MIPV modules are perfect to be shaped into an architectural solar canopy to suit the desired design form.


Each parking bay can generate enough energy to power a typical family car 5–10k miles per annum depending on location and orientation

Bespoke design single or multiple bay solar carports

Solar carports can be used to supplement EV charging by use of renewable green solar energy available within the parking space

The Solar Brella

The twin bay canopy is an efficient structure that combines elegance with practicality. It can be oriented with the posts on the side of the car or in front of it to suit access. Infinitely extendable.

Solar Cantilever Curved

Top of the range curved roof canopy without any posts to the access side allowing for ease of access and flexibility of parking.

Solar Inset Posts Curved

An economic layout with inset posts to optimise structure and access while retaining an attractive profile.

The flexible properties of MIPV’s solar technology allow us to create the most visually impressive Solar Carports on the market. Combined with the high energy yields – even in shadowing and low light – it is the ultimate electric vehicle charging canopy.

Tim Hall-Woodcock, Kappion Carports & Canopies