The Solar Canopy for shade and power

MIPV is partnering with Sun Air Sustainability (SAS) to deliver one of the worlds first modular curved roof solar powered canopy systems, something that has been made possible due to the non glass flexibility and robustness of MIPV & BIPVco's lightweight Flextron technology.
Creating shade is a key concern in hotter climates, and the Solar Kanopy achieves this while simultaneously taking advantage of sunlight to generate additional electricity. Architecturally stylish and with a range of solutions and uses, this new design has massive worldwide potential.
The modular Solar Kanopy is the ideal shading solution for homes that have flat roofs in very hot countries. As a modular system that is available in spans from 3m to 8m with unlimited lengths, it is also has a range of commercial applications. In areas for where shade would be advantageous for the public, Solar Kanpoy can create a solar powered walkway or solar powered covered dining area for schools, hotels, cafés and more.

Solar Kanopy will set a new benchmark within the solar industry, something that would not be possible without MIPV & BIPVco's Flextron technology. The Flextron non glass solar modules allows SAS to be one of the first companies in the world to produce curved roof shaped solar canopies, not ugly carbuncles but visually stylish solar canopies with high energy yields even in shaded areas, low level light and in extremely hot climates.

Roy Noone, Sun Air Sustainability - Solar Kanopy & Solar Karport