Solar technology powers Atlantic rowing Adventure

The 3,200 mile Atlantic Rowing challenge enhanced by MIPV’s unique technology


A crew of 4 will set off from Lanzarote early 2021 and using muscle power alone, row the 3,200 miles of open Atlantic Ocean that lie between them and Antigua. They will be completely unsupported for the crossing. It is an incredibly tough challenge and is often quoted in the media as being “The world’s toughest row”.

From the second the crew push off until they next set foot on dry land, the boat will be everything to them. The boat is 29ft long, a little under 6ft wide and will be the crews life support system for the time that they are on the water.The crew will be rowing in pairs and will be running on a shift pattern of two hours rowing followed by 2 hours resting for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are proud to have our technology support the team on this fundraising test of endurance. The unique capabilities of our technology has enhanced the crews boat-in ways ‘traditional’ solar could not.

The high performance panels bring in vital additional power the vessel needs. Although the row is purely human powered the solar will help power onboard monitoring, navigation equipment and more.

The flexible solar technology combines with the boat membrane – all while not compromising aerodynamics. While the minimal weight added is also a massive asset. 

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