• "MIPV solar panels have totally changed the way I use my caravan today. I can now take my caravan off the beaten track and visit locations I never thought possible thanks MIPV solar panels. They're lightweight, flexible and powerful and the installation process was so easy, even for a DIY novice like myself"
    Mr Malcolm Whittall
  • The right choice for solar. The MIPV panel kept our Caddy's fridge running, charged our phones, run the TV and our sound system all weekend long. We always go home with a full leisure battery. Great peace of mind.
    Tim Hall-Woodcock
  • "Since installing MIPV leisure Solar panels we have not had to use an electric hook-up at all!"
    Christine Beck
  • Excellent solar panels, fit for purpose! We (the family) went in our motorhome to Crantock, Cornwall for the week, equipped with a 110w MIPV solar panel. The campsite was out of electric hook up but that didn't matter, the solar kept us running all week charging phones, running the TV, pumping water etc. We won't bother to book electric hook up again.
    Tim Hall-Woodcock
  • We installed a 165W MiPV panel on our RoadPro Rapido and have been extremely happy with its performance. With a solar monitor we can see exactly how much current the panel is putting into the battery at all times and from our constant monitoring, it’s been very effective, even in low light conditions where a silicon panel would have produced virtually no energy. The highest input current we have seen is 11.3 Amps, taking into consideration the other advantages of the panels being light weight and discreet, we have no hesitation in recommending MiPV solar panels to our customers.
    Andrew Harris, RoadPro
  • With us no two jobs are ever the same, ranging from the middle of a crowded city to a faraway field with little access to an electric mains supply. No matter the situation MiPV’s solar panels always made our job easier. They’re straightforward to install and provide a quick ‘peel and stick’ solar solution. It’s enabled us to keep all of our power tools topped up and our lights, lit. We also like how thin and really robust they are! Also once they’ve been fitted, you’d never know they were there. We’ve also found that during the past 6 months our panels have continued to charge our batteries even when we’re in the shade. Amazing! Great product, really impressed with it.
    Tim Hall-Woodcock