MiPV 165W SuperFLEX Solar Panel Kit

Contact Us for Pricing

Contact Us for Pricing
  • MiPV Leisure Series
  • Lightweight PV Panel – Less than 3kg/M2
  • Best In Class Truly Flexible CIGS Solar – Unlike traditional crystalline
  • Panel Length 1295mm x Width 995mm
  • No Ballast or racking required
  • Excellent low light performance
  • Certified to IEC61646 & 61734
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty & 10 Year power output warranty
  • *** Pricing Excludes Delivery
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MiPV 120W Flexible solar panels use 3rd generation CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenide) cell technology making our panels extremely lightweight and flexible.

Our kits come complete with full fitting instructions, panels are adhesive backed which make them extremely low profile and quick and easy to install. For more information see our installation guides

Designed for

MiPV solar panels are designed and manufactured for powering leisure batteries in Motorhomes, Camper Vans,  Caravans and boats, or anywhere where you need a reliable lightweight efficient solution.

When installing MiPV SuperFLEX panels to a curved surface, the panel will only follow the curve on a single plane with a radius greater than 225mm

The MiPV SuperFLEX solar kits are designed to work as standalone systems to manage your leisure battery power with the use of MIPV solar panels and associated charge controllers.

The MiPV Leisure solar products must be connected to the leisure battery system only and MUST NEVER be connected to the main vehicle battery.  The connection to the vehicle leisure battery is outside the scope of the MiPV kit and would be at the owners’ risk. We would recommend you speak to a qualified vehicle electrician if you are unsure of your system.

IMPORTANT – If the vehicle contains an intelligent battery management system, please be sure to install the MiPV charge controller according to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. We would recommend this is carried out by a qualified vehicle electrician. Additional fuses, switches may be required.

55W Kits Available

Panel Only

  • 1 x MIPV Leisure series 165w nominal output GIGS thin film solar panel

Pro Install Kit

  • 1 x MIPV Leisure series 165w nominal output GIGS thin film solar panel
  •  Charge Controller
  • Cables Terminated + – 5 Metres

Full Install Kit

  • 1 x MIPV Leisure series 165w nominal output GIGS thin film solar panel
  • Charge Controller
  • Cables Terminated + – 5 Metres
  • 1x IP68 Twin Entry Roof Gland (White)
  • Roof Gland Sealant (White)
  • Cleaner/Activator


  • Thickness: 2.7mm (inc backing)
  • VOC – Open Circuit Voltage – 53.43V
  • ISC – Short Circuit Current – 4.39A
  • VMP – Maximum Power Voltage – 43.4V
  • IMP – Maximum Current – 3.8A
  • PMAX – Power – 164.92W



In the event of a product malfunction, MiPV cannot bear any responsibility for consequential losses, expenses, or damage to other components, items or vehicle.

There is no allowance or reimbursement for an installer or user’s labour or travel time required to disconnect, service, or reinstall the damaged component(s)


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