A Greener Fleet

Sustainable Power Management for Commercial Fleets

Powering Freedom

Low Profile Flexible Solar Panels to power your adventures

Deployable Power

Use integrated solar technology to power a range of equipment

Keeping You Fully Charged

Carports & shelters can generate energy for a variety of uses


Beautiful Bespoke Solar Solutions

MIPV Solar Panels advanced thin-film solar PV cell technology allows high end performance across a wide range of solutions


Helping keep your fleet operational ready with our unique Solar PV. Reducing the need to idle engines, saving fuel, and reducing your fleet’s harmful emissions. MIPV solar has a wide range of solutions ranging from a high voltage battery trickle charge to providing supplementary power to tailgate lifts, air curtains, and chiller units & more.

Deployable Power

MiPV modules are lightweight and fully flexible making them the ideal choice for off-grid and temp. power applications. From solar solutions for Portable toilets to temporary solar farms that can be attached to fencing and building hoardings.


Power your adventures with MIPV solar- helping to provide power regeneration to your leisure battery. Our lightweight, low profile solar is easy to fit and suitable for tents, caravans, campervans, motorhomes, and inland waterways craft.


Solar carports can be used to supplement EV charging by use of renewable green solar energy available within the parking space. Fit for residential or commerical applications, in a range of elagant designed options.

Low Profile

Less than 3mm bonded. No drag or increased wind noise on a vehicle application.


With no glass or silicone, MiPV panels are truly flexible and are able to bond to a curved surface without the risk of microfractures or cracks.


Less than 3kg pms, MiPV panels are incredibly lightweight making them ideal for use on vehicles & transient situations.


Robust & Non-Fragile

Superior Output

Module architecture with multiple diodes overcomes disproportionate loss of power from shading. Self cleaning top layer minimises power loss from debris / deposit

Easy Installation

Simple peel and stick application requires no special tools.

Solar Energy & Battery Working in Partnership

Robust, Flexible & Lightweight Solar Panels

MIPVSolar Panels

Bespoke low profile high performance solar solutions


At less then 3mm height bonded and with the ability to be flexibile, MIPV Solar panels become one with the surface


Even in low indirect light and under shading, the thin film MIPV solar cells and modules are able to generate a superior ourput per unit capacity.

Cost Effective

Faster energy payback and greener product in its life cycle

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