MiPV Leisure Series solar panels are designed specifically for use in the leisure market. They can cope with the rigours of movement, weather, flexing, and natural impacts from hail and stone chips. MiPV Leisure series panels are manufactured using CIGS thin film solar cells encapsulated on our purpose designed and built machinery in North Wales.  This means they are covered by our 10 year performance warranty and 5 year manufacturing warranty.

MiPV Leisure Series solar panels are supplied as kit, in one box supplied to your door. A comprehensive installation guide for all our MiPV Leisure Series solar panel kits is supplied complete with diagrams and advice. Every Leisure Series kit comes complete with

  • Designated panel or panels with self-adhesive baking
  • At least 1 x 5 metres of 4mm red solar cable with pre fitted MC4 IP68 rated + connector
  • At least 1 x 5 metres of 4mm black solar cable with pre fitted MC4 IP68 rated - connector
  • One 50v 30a PWM Charge controller with separate operating instructions
  • One IP68 rated waterproof double entry roof gland
  • One 290mm Cartridge of approved sealer/adhesive
  • One 50ml bottle of Isopropanol cleaner/activator
  • One pair of nitrile disposable gloves
  • If a multi panel kit requires diodes and/or fuses these are supplied pre fitted to the multi connector in your kit.

If you are confident using a power drill and are capable of putting up a shelf at home then you have the required skill to fit one of our kits. If you have any problems at all and need any advice or guidance remember we are only at the end of the telephone, give us a call!

MiPV leisure series solar panels are lightweight. A typical120w MiPV Leisure Series solar panel installation weighs no more than 3.0kgs. A typical Silicon solar panel kit would weigh in at approx. 15kgs. These weight savings are becoming ever more critical with weight restrictions being enforced and amended in vehicle and towing regulations.

Panels are truly flexible, in fact they are delivered to your door rolled up! The flexibility of the panel means that they can be fitted in locations which would not be possible for traditional solar panels without the use of bulky and intrusive frames and ballasting. An example would be MiPV leisure series panels fitted up and over the curved surface of an over cab bed.

MiPV Leisure Series panels are constructed with multiple bypass diodes, as many as 28, encapsulated within the panel. This makes them extraordinarily shade tolerant when compared with any silicon panel. So that when you arrive and set up you can, within reason, park without considering an overhanging branch without suffering huge degradation on panel output. Shading a silicon panel in any way generally results in a dramatic reduction in output.

MiPV Leisure series panels are constructed using CIGS thin film technology and as a result have a much lower temperature co efficient than silicon panels. This, in real use, means the brighter the sun, the higher the surface temperature, the bigger the difference in output between silicon and MiPV Leisure series panels. The performance of a silicon panel deteriorates significantly as its temperature increases above 20 degrees C. The performance of a CIGS thin film cell deteriorates also but to a much lesser degree. It is not uncommon for the temperature of a Solar Panel to reach 70 – 75 degrees c even in UK summer sun, these temperatures can increase even more the further south you travel. This is the reason traditional silicon panels are mounted on frames above the roof of your vehicle to try to mitigate this performance loss.

MiPV Leisure series solar panels are constructed using CIGS thin film cells. These 3rd generation solar cells do not require direct sunlight to function, although full sun provides optimal performance. The CIGS thin film cells used in the construction of MIPV Leisure series solar panels operate in a wider spectrum of light than traditional solar panels. This means even on cloudy, overcast days they are capable of producing useable power for charging your batteries.

MiPV Leisure Series solar panels are fitted directly to the roof of your vehicle as there is no need to create an air cooling gap. This allows little or no drag to be created, improving the overall performance of your vehicle. So combined with reduced weight and reduced drag, vehicle performance can be improved.

MiPV Leisure series panels are ideally suited to application on inland waterways boats. Their flexibility, low profile and shade tolerance all add up to an installation which does not detract from the general lines and appearance of your vessel. Whilst we don’t want you using the panel as a footpath, if necessary,  you can walk on the panel providing clean soft soled shoes are worn.