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Solar Energy and Battery Working in Partnership

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MiPV Vehicle Applied Solar Panels for Commercial Vehicles

Modern commercial and passenger carrying vehicles are running more and more auxiliary services but batteries are not matched to these power demands. Vehicle engines are having to idle to provide supplementary power and many operators are experiencing problems with flat batteries and shortened battery lifespans.

Our solution provides sustainable power management which will prolong battery life while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The very latest in CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) technology brings a number of benefits over traditional glass-based crystalline silicon panels. As well as being lightweight and flexible, our panels are extremely powerful and highly efficient, even generating energy in shadowed and shaded environments.

Trucks & Trailers

Provide ancillary power for telemetry and cameras, refrigeration units, air curtains, tail lifts, lifting decks, climate control, and many more with our bespoke solar solutions. Decrease your dependence on fossil fuels and prolong battery life.

Buses & Coaches

Protect batteries by providing ancillary power for a range of equipment including telemetry and cameras, ticketing and payment systems, climate control, lighting and audio, plus much more.

Fleet Vans & Cars

Reduce your total cost of fleet ownership, reduce breakdowns and keep your fleet operationally ready. Solar energy can maintain vehicle and ancillary battery systems, reducing the need for engine idling.

Blue Light Services

MIPV solar solutions are proven to eliminate the need for an external plug-in power source (shoreline connection) to the vehicle when not in use. MiPV solar helps keep emergency fleets operationally ready.


A Greener Fleet Solution

Vehicle and auxiliary batteries are not matched to the power demands of the auxiliary services modern vehicles run. As a consequence vehicle engines are idling 30% of the time or more to provide supplementary power, and between 15 and 25% of total fuel consumption is used to run auxiliary power needs.

Our solution provides sustainable power management which will prolong battery life while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Additionally, CIGS uses 30% less energy to produce that conventional glass panels.


Efficient Vehicle Applied Solar Panels

As well as operating at a higher voltage than conventional solar solutions, our unique system also works in the harshest conditions, including low light, cloudy days and even in shading from buildings in town centres. As a result of better low light performance CIGS thin film cells outperform silicon technology early and late in the day when the sun is lower in the sky.  MIPV's panels are also less susceptible than silicon panels to performance drop off in peak temperatures.

This means more energy is generated than silicon at comparable costs.

An EFTE non-stick coating, similar to Teflon, keeps panels clean, weatherproof and truck-wash friendly.


Robust & Flexible Vehicle Applied Solar Panels

All MiPV vehicle applied solar panels are constructed using CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) cells based on a stainless steel foil. This construction method coupled with our unique encapsulation process ensures the panel is both flexible and robust.

Because of the flexible nature of MiPV solar panels, they are shatterproof, resistant to vibrations and cannot crack or fracture. Our panels are extremely resistant to impact damage such as large hailstones or stones thrown from tyres.

In fact, tests by our US partner proved that after being shot with a rifle at a 45m distance, the panel lost less than 12% of power after 11 months of outdoor exposure. The maximum power output dropped from 47.4W to 41.8W.


UK Manufactured Vehicle Applied Solar Panels

We are the only vehicle applied solar panel manufacturer that can offer custom panel sizes, wWe calculate the best solution for your operation to provide the optimum power output for your needs, as well as balancing high operational efficiency in winter without over-performance in summer months.

The slim design adheres directly to the roof of your vehicle without the need for racking or mounting frames, and there is no damage to the asset since no punctures are required in the installation process. This means our panels are ideal for retrofit too.

Unlike glass-based solar solutions, CIGS technology does not generate heat as a by-product, meaning our panels are safer for vehicles as there is no fire risk, there is no impact on refrigerated vehicles or trailers due to heat transfer and there is no damage to GRP roof panels or paint surfaces.

Our design allows for a fully enclosed junction box providing a sleek design.


Lightweight Vehicle Applied Solar Panels

MiPV vehicle applied solar panels are the ideal choice for commercial vehicles where weight and payload is critical.

Custom size modules (from 0.5m to 5m long) which are bonded directly to the vehicles’ roof are less than 3kg in weight per square metre and only 1.77mm thick (<3mm bonded) meaning no loss of mpg due to drag or loss of payload.

Our panels weigh significantly less than any comparable glass-based silicon panel and the ultra-thin design means there is no wind resistance or drag.

The low profile system also means minimal impact on vehicle aesthetics because panels are usually hidden from view.

Benefits of MIPV Solar

Between 15% and 25% of total fuel consumption is used to run auxiliary power needs and in most cases, the engine has to idle to provide this supplementary power. Keeping batteries charged by solar reduces & eliminates issues for better fleet reliability.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Reducing an engines runtime saves fuel costs and the reliance on fossil fuels.

Improve Battery Health

Pressure is taken off batteries, which means prolonged battery life.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Reduced maintenance and reduced fuel costs are just some of the benefits of MIPV solar.

Being partnered with MiPV gives us access to market leading quality solar panels, as well as industry leading expertise on customising the product to suit our markets applications

Matt Reeve, Director at Genie Insights Ltd