Introducing The New 190W PV Panel

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Introducing The New 190W PV Panel

Tomorrow are launching our latest edition to the MiPV range!

Manufactured by us, the 190W thin-film pv panels are ideal for emergency service vehicles.

We have kept true to the MiPV name by ensuring our panels provide 16-17% efficiency and includes underside terminals. No matter what the British weather throws at us, our panels will be ready for it! Unlike conventional crystalline panels our CIGs style panels contain bypass diodes in every other cell, harnessing the suns energy even during shadow or shading.

Also when bonded to the roof our panels are less than 3mm thick meaning no drag, zero loss of MPG and no wind noise. And thanks to it’s slick design the panels blend in seamlessly, hiding in plain site.

Watch this space to find out why solar is becoming increasingly more important in our lives.

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We were pleasantly surprised by the level of interest we have had from the fleet services and how they feel we can help support them whilst they are out on the road.

Our 190W panel is going to be key for us going forward and we believe that we have made a product tailored for them. With all the features of the MiPV range we have kept up our high standards and expect to greatly reduce the necessity for shoreline charging. As we increase the number of fleet vehicles services using our panels we will help to lower overall carbon emissions in the UK by creating a solution that negates the need to leave the engine running to power the vehicles auxiliary services.

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